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[Cap]WG by ** Wondergirls **

27 Aug

[Cap]完全娛樂 20.08.10

22 Aug

[Cap]Pucca Pucca ^^

20 Aug

As usual .. click for large image … really .. HUGE… 1936×1104

Happy 21st Birthday To Sun♥

12 Aug


wallpaper ^^

Happy 21st Birthday To Sun♥

11 Aug

[Pic]Sunyewords’ new banner XD

8 Aug

[Announcement]Sunye’s Bday Wishes 先艺生日祝福语

4 Jul

We are now collecting bday wishes for our lovely leader min… if you wish to leave her a msg / wishes, pls email it to

我们现在开始收集着先艺的生日祝福语, 如果你想参与的话, 请把你的祝福语发送到

Closing Date: 26th July 2010
截止日期: 26th July 2010